About Us

Sun Energy Company (SE) was formed in 1998 with the aim of propagating renewable energy applications in Egypt. Since then, SE has worked diligently in solar energy field mainly in domestic and industrial applications. Our objective was clear and definite; to develop an Egyptian product with the highest standards in efficiency and an affordable price. In order to achieve this objective, we researched the most recent developments in this field in the world and choose what was suitable for us.

      As Egypt is one of the major regions in the world blessed with high solar incidence, and as all studies have revealed that with the present rate of usage, all fossil fuel resources will be practically depleted within this decade thereby stressing the need to develop cheaper sources of renewable energy of which solar applications would play an important role.

During the last few years SE has achieved the following:

  • Execute an industrial closed-loop central solar heating system for low temperature applications in heating resins used in the paint industry. Report
  • Excute a remote monitoring system to follow and continuously record the performance and efficiency of the central solar heating system. Report
  • Execute an integrated electrical generating system combining photovoltaic and wind energy to operate a deep water pump for drip irrigation in a remote areas. Report
  • SE presently delivers and installs heating units of different sizes and for domestic and industrial applications. Report
  • Manufacture a Parabolic Solar Cooker. Report
  • SE is the local representative of the German Company LORENTZ for Solar Pumping & Solar Tracking Systems.
  • SE is the local distributor for the German Company Steca for the Electronic Devices for The Solar Energy Applications.
  • SE is the local representative of the German Compan Akotec for the Vacuum Tube Collectors .
  • SE is the local representative of the Greece Company DIMAS for the Solar Heaters .
  • Merge between SE & the Egyptian Company Acropol to execute different renewable energy solutions.