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  1. SE Installed 3 x Solar Pumping Systems each one with 80 Wp PV Modules at flow rate 2 m3/day against 30 m head these three systems are used to provide water for the Bedouins Communities at the National Parks at Marsa Alam Region in the Red Sea. Report
  2. In 2009 an agreement was signed between SE and the University of Helwan for the supply of a Solar Desalinization System of sea water at one of the hotels in Hurghada ( SUNWATER Project ) through an RDI funded project. SE was to be one of the six major contributors for the implementation of this project; as listed below:

    •  Helwan University

    •  South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Campus Soest , Germany

    •  Terrawater, Kiel , Germany

    •  Sunrise Resorts & Cruises , Egypt

    •  EndoEnergy , England

    •  Sun Energy SE, Egypt

    In order to attain the minimum required temperature of 90 C, SE choose AkoTec Company from Germany, as one of the best producers of “Vacuum Tubes” to supply the heating system for this project. The use of “Vacuum Tubes” is the best and most economical way to attain these temperatures for this size of project vs. the normal “Flat Collector” systems normally used in domestic and industrial solar heating systems. SE subcontracted Acropol Company of Egypt for the supply and installation of the solar hot water system for this project. More details on the implementation of this project could be obtained from our website.Report

  3. SE installed LORENTZ Submersible Pump PS1800 at El-Fayoum Farm it can Pump about 250 m3/day against 5 m total lift which is suitable for 10 Acre with flood irrigation & it connect with 1.5 KWp LORENTZ PV Modules & ST15 Tracking System.Report
  4. SE installed Solar Energy Systems for different Applications at one of the ECO-Lodges at El-Wahat Al-Baharia as the follows:-

    a-Solar Pumping System includes PV Modules, Tracking System & Submersible Pump that is used to fill Tanks to feed the domestic water for the Lodge. The capacity of that system is about 14 m3/day with a Total Lift of 40 m at Solar Radiation 6 Kw.hr/day/m2.

    b-Solar Pumping System including PV Modules, Tracking System & Surface Pump use to Circulate the Water for 450 m3 Swimming Pool Treatment System with capacity about 135 m3/day with Total Lift 6 m at Solar Radiation 6 KW.hr/day/m2.

    c-Solar Refrigerator System including PV Modules, Control Unit & Steca PF 166 Refrigerator Unit.

    d-Solar Cooker SE 14 used for Environmental Cooking for the Tourists.Report

  5. Sun Energy SE has delivered 3.6 KWp LA75-12S PV Modules to Mirage for Electro-Mechanical Engineering Co, at the beginning of 2009, those systems will be installed for a petroleum company.

    At the completing of the project SE Will upload the full project report on the home page.

  6. SE has delivered 1.44 KWp LA160-24S PV Modules to Helwan University , these PV Modules are part of a solar pumping system. This solar pumping system is part of a newly launched scientific research project by Helwan University in the application of solar energy for irrigation in Egypt .Report

  7. For the first time at year, 2008, the company has delivered and installed solar heaters, type NGO-150 since to Nubaria District and Al-Fayoum Governorate.Report

  8. The company has the right of distribution of Greek Solar Heaters that work by closed-loop system. In fact, the company has delivered these systems for some projects and villas in new areas.